The head of company

Welcome to Awaml El-kwa for Contracting & Trading in which we have put our scientific and practical experience in the field of contracting for many years until it became one of the leading companies in the Kingdom .The foundation has implemented a number of governmental , private projects and real estate development projects with excellent implementation quality as well as rates of implementation of the maximum terms of contracts with Trust and good reputation among the companies and contracting enterprises of what has placed on us the responsibility of maintaining the status of the institution and progress towards a better future, through the establishment of sound scientific and practical foundations and contribute to the achievement of the goals and plans of development in the Kingdom. It also contributes to the achievement of the server of the Mosque’s aspirations to have a better life for our people. Some of these foundations: * Commitment to delivery dates in accordance with the contracts concluded , use the latest methods of planning , follow-up and quality control . * Raise the efficiency of employees in the scientific and practical institution , maintain their safety, the use of computer programs in programming , monitoring the workflow , the organization of cash flows and control costs contribute to the development and progress to become with the help of God, one of the leading companies in the Kingdom.

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