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About company

1. Our vision:

We have set an ambitious vision to be one of the best institutions in construction with a high level of accuracy and quality, and to continue to receive the trust of all our customers in terms of good reputation and commitment in implementing the governmental and private projects entrusted to them in the shortest possible time with the level of excellence In the implementation since it was founded in 1989 and so far it still contributes to the urban development in Saudi Arabia.

2. Our Goals:

To become one of the best and leading institutions in the field of construction, and contracting in the urban renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3. Our Services:

The company provides many services that have registered a remarkable success in the field of construction. With unlimited confidence in providing these services to customers, including: * Implementation of government and private projects of high quality and distinguished by very short time rates and follow the methods of managing modern projects in engineering control and engineering standards programs * Develop the management of projects and contracting to provide population projects suitable for modern life through the real estate development sector. * Provide additional services through the sectors of the institution: * Business Department of iron * Department of works of iron * Department of carpentry work * Department of marble


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